2020 Vote By Mail Act

Senator Rausch crafted and filed the 2020 Vote By Mail Act to implement universal, automatic voting by mail for all Massachusetts statewide elections in 2020.

Senator Rausch's legislation will get mail-in ballots to every registered voter in MA, so people can vote safely and securely without jeopardizing their health or anyone else's. The legislation also provides

postage prepaid return envelopes, multi-lingual instructions, ballot tracking software,

November Election Day as a holiday, and personal protective equipment (PPE) for poll workers.

Free, fair, open, and safely accessible elections are a central pillar of our democracy.

COVID-19 must not destroy our democratic systems.

This public health crisis must not strip us of our right and ability to vote.

We must act now to protect our voices and our votes.

2020 #VoteByMail Act Testimony

2020 #VoteByMail Act Testimony

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