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Meet Becca

First elected in an iconic 2018 victory, Senator Becca Rausch is an effective agent of positive change in the Massachusetts Legislature. She is the first woman and first Jewish person to represent several of the communities in the Senate's Norfolk, Worcester and Middlesex District. Re-elected in 2020 and 2022, Senator Rausch is currently serving her third term and is the only mother of children under 10 in the Senate.


Rausch is the Senate Chairperson of the Joint Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources; Senate Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities; and Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on the Census. She is also a member of the Joint Committees on Education, Agriculture, Revenue, and Emergency Preparedness and Management. Early in her tenure, Senator Rausch was appointed by Senate President Karen E. Spilka to serve on the Senate's Temporary Committee on Rules, an honor rarely earned by first-term legislators. Rausch also serves on the boards of directors for the Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators (MCWL) and the National Association of Jewish Legislators (NAJL).

​Reflecting her commitment to intersectional social justice, fairness, and equality for all, Senator Rausch’s policy portfolio includes infectious disease prevention, election reform, reproductive justice, public education, combating discrimination, supporting families, and good government. Throughout her tenure in the Senate, she successfully advanced stand-alone bills and several amendments in these policy areas, as well as rules changes and on-the-record voting.


Prior to Rausch’s election to the Senate, she served as an elected local government official and an award-winning Secretariat-level attorney in both the Patrick and Baker administrations. Rausch is a former law professor and scholar, union steward, and private sector attorney. She is also a graduate of the Emerge Massachusetts flagship program. Senator Rausch lives in Needham with her spouse, their two young children, and their floppy, loving Goldendoodle.

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