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Reproductive Health Care

  • Advancing reproductive health care access and equity

  • Combating crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs)

  • Fighting for certified professional midwives licensure

  • Championing racial equity in maternal health

  • Advocating for maternal mental health care 

Jobs & Economy

  • Supporting small businesses and working families

  • Pushing for green economy opportunities

  • Helping women reenter the workforce

Personal & Public Health

  • Championing infectious disease prevention infrastructure

  • Advancing youth mental health supports

  • Promoting pediatric care access

  • Advocating for universal access to quality and affordable health care

  • Addressing addiction and substance use

Transparent & Accountable Government

  • Shedding light on the Legislature

  • Speaking up, standing up (for roll calls)

  • Publishing voting records

  • Improving government data management, privacy, and security

Voting Access & Election Reform

  • Advancing free, fair, and truly accessible elections

  • Pushing for more robust voting rights, like paid time off to vote, minimum ballot box counts, and comprehensive upgrades to voter rolls and voting systems

  • Ensuring full implementation of mail-in voting

  • Leading the charge to change our last-in-the-nation state primary date


Education & Childcare

  • Fighting for childcare as necessary infrastructure

  • Establishing universal, publicly-funded, tuition-free, full-day kindergarten and pre-K

  • Centering teachers, students, and parents in discussions on public education

  • Advocating for full funding and implementation of the Student Opportunity Act

  • Supporting 21st Century curriculum

Climate Action & Environmental Justice

  • Leading legislative work to green existing buildings

  • Investing in water quality and water access improvements

  • Reducing plastics

  • Working toward 100% renewable energy

  • Creating a statewide car seat recycling program

  • Supporting green energy conversion and job creation

Civil Rights & Equity for All​​

  • Combating body size discrimination 

  • Working to thwart workplace sexual harassment 

  • Advancing civil rights for the LGBTQ+ community

  • Ensuring the safety, dignity, and civil rights of people experiencing homelessness

  • Pushing for stronger data privacy and security

Public Transportation

  • Improving infrastructure to generate reliability

  • Expanding services to increase rider access

  • Safeguarding reduced fares

  • Investing in community-based transit options

Public Safety

  • Appropriately fund professionals who support our community's health and safety, as those needs have developed over time, including law enforcement, social workers, firefighters, and others
  • Increase effective communication with local public safety officials to develop ways to support new initiatives
Key Legislation


  • S.484, The MAIL-in Voting Act

  • S.1125, An Act making Election Day a Legal Holiday

  • S.485, Local Option Ranked Choice Voting

  • S.487, An Act to promote good democracy in primary elections (moving our last-in-the-nation primary from September to the second Tuesday in June)

  • S.1519, An Act relative to out-of-hospital birth access and safety

  • S.608, An Act to create a statewide car seat recycling program

  • S.723, An Act promoting access to pediatric care appointments

  • S.1515, The COVID Vaccine Equity Act

  • S.1517, An Act promoting community immunity

  • S.2110, An Act closing a loophole in the lobbying law

  • S.2232, The Better Buildings Act

  • S.143, An Act providing for diaper changing stations in public buildings and accommodations

  • S.142, An Act providing a bill of rights for people experiencing homelessness

  • S.1127, An Act prohibiting body size discrimination

  • S.1124, An Act to promote efficiency in co-parent adoptions

  • S.1518, An Act advancing the health of pregnant persons

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