The Issues

Solutions we need

Policies that Serve You

Health Care and the Opioid Epidemic

  • Comprehensive addiction treatment and innovative approaches to addressing the opioid epidemic

  • Universal access to quality, affordable health care

  • Transparency in health care cost and delivery systems

Public Transportation

  • Improved infrastructure to generate reliability

  • Expanded services to increase access for riders

  • Safeguarded reduced fares

Supporting Families

  • Mandatory paid parental leave

  • Affordable, accessible daycare and early education

  • Assistance for aging in communities of choice


  • Funding for STEAM education

  • Publicly funded, full-day kindergarten throughout the Commonwealth

  • Recess for all K-8 students

  • Support efforts to create safe, healthy learning environments for all children​

Voting Access

  • Automatic and same-day voter registration

  • Early voting for all elections

  • Comprehensive upgrades to voter rolls and voting systems


Civil Rights

  • Increased minimum wage to $15/hr

  • Safe Communities Act (more info)

  • Protecting transgender rights and equality (more info)


  • Green energy conversion and job creation

  • Big building energy use disclosures

  • Publicly supported composting

  • Plastic bag and straw use reduction

Information Accessibility and

Data Privacy

  • Stricter data privacy and security rules

  • Meaningful public records appeals processes

  • Net neutrality

Transparent and Accountable Government​

  • Published and readily accessibly legislative voting records

  • Culturally competent census awareness and implementation

  • Improved government information management, privacy, and security


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