Public service is a team effort. Becca is honored and grateful to earn the endorsements of her partners in

state and local government for her 2022 re-election to continue serving as your State Senator.


  • Senator Karen Spilka, Senate President

  • Senator Harriette Chandler, Senate President Emerita

  • Senator Will Brownsberger, Senate President Pro Tempore

  • Senator Mike Rodrigues, Chair, Senate Ways & Means Committee

  • Senator Cindy Creem, Senate Majority Leader; Chair, Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change

  • Senator Mike Barrett, Senate Assistant Majority Leader; Senate Chair, Telecommunications, Utilities & Energy Committee

  • Senator Sal DiDomenico, Senate Assistant Majority Leader; Chair, Senate Committee on Bills in the Third Reading

  • Senator Joan Lovely, Senate Assistant Majority Leader; Chair, Senate Rules Committee

  • Senator Cindy Friedman, Vice Chair, Senate Ways & Means Committee; Senate Chair, Health Care Financing Committee

  • Senator Jason Lewis, Assistant Vice Chair, Senate Ways & Means Committee; Senate Chair, Education Committee

  • Senator Julian Cyr, Senate Assistant Majority Whip; Senate Chair, Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery Committee

  • Senator Jo Comerford, Senate Chair, COVID-19 and Public Health Committees

  • Senator Paul Feeney, Senate Chair, Financial Services Committee

  • Senator Anne Gobi, Senate Chair, Higher Education Committee

  • Senator Eric Lesser, Senate Chair, Economic Development Committee; Chair, Senate Committee on Ethics

  • Senator Mark Montigny, Chair, Senate Committee on Steering & Policy

  • Senator Mike Moore, Senate Chair, Senate Committee on Post Audit and Oversight

  • Representative Carolyn Dykema, House Chair, Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture Committee (fmr)

  • Representative Denise Garlick, House Chair, House Committee on Bills in the Third Reading

  • Representative Carmine Gentile, House Vice Chair, Higher Education Committee

  • Representative Jim Hawkins

  • Representative David Linsky, House Vice Chair, Revenue Committee

  • Representative Brian Murray, House Vice Chair, Public Health Committee

  • Representative Jeff Roy, House Chair, Telecommunications, Utilities & Energy Committee


  • Rob Andrews, Chair, Dover Warrant Committee

  • Tom Mercer, Chair, Franklin Town Council

  • Robert Dellorco, Vice Chair, Franklin Town Council

  • Glenn Jones, Clerk, Franklin Town Council

  • Brian Chandler, Franklin Town Council

  • Ted Cormier-Leger, Franklin Town Council

  • Cobi Frongillo, Franklin Town Council

  • Melanie Hamblen, Franklin Town Council

  • Debbie Pellegri, Franklin Town Council

  • Pat Sheridan, Franklin Town Council

  • Denise Spencer, Chair, Franklin School Committee

  • Elise Stokes, Vice Chair, Franklin School Committee

  • Camille Bernstein, Franklin School Committee

  • Dave Callaghan, Franklin School Committee

  • Al Charles, Franklin School Committee

  • Dave McNeill, Franklin School Committee

  • Meghan Whitmore, Franklin School Committee

  • Marcus Nelson, Clerk, Needham Select Board

  • Kevin Keane, Needham Select Board

  • Connie Barr, Chair, Needham School Committee

  • Michael Greis, Needham School Committee

  • Liz Lee, Needham School Committee

  • Andrea Longo Carter, Needham School Committee

  • Michael O'Brien, Needham School Committee

  • Matt Spengler, Needham School Committee

  • Anita Mecklenburg, Vice Chair, Norfolk Select Board

  • Kevin Kalkut, Clerk, Norfolk Select Board

  • Shannon Meneses, Norfolk School Committee

  • Phil Jordan, Vice Chair, Wrentham School Committee